Currently, the GBF Team has three ongoing projects to support women in the rural areas of Liberia, West Africa. See our core projects Maternal Care Package, AdoptaClinic & Sponsor a Mom to find out where your group of friends, family, doctors, nurses, or a clinic can contribute.

Maternal Care Package

On our first trip to Liberia in February 2010, it was most disheartening to see that many of the mothers did not even have some of the basic items we take for granted in our everyday life, like baby soap and towels, to name a few. With the help of the pledges and donations of our guests that attended the inaugural Game Night Event, we were able to deliver our first batch of maternal care packages to expectant and newly delivered moms at The Liberian Government Hospital in Tubmanburg, Bomi County. Our goal is to ship at least 2 batches (100 per batch) each year to provide a mom with basic items to take care of herself and her newborn! To contribute to this project, you can purchase an entire batch, purchase a single maternal care package ($25.00) for a mom, buy any item in bulk for a batch of 100 packages, or give whatever amount you can so that our team can purchase the left over items needed. Click the donate button and specify there!

  • Entire Batch (100) Maternal Care Packages (suggested)
  • A Maternal Care Package ($25.00)
  • Buy item in Bulk from 100 packages Maternal Care Package List
  • Give what you can!

Adopt a Clinic

One observation made during Gbomai’s initial visit to Liberia was that many of the problems mothers encountered were due to how far away they were from competent medical services. One step to decreasing the rate of child and maternal mortality in Liberia is to improve the clinics that these mothers do have access to in their hometowns. In February 2010 we adopted the neonatal ward of The Liberian Government Hospital of Tubmanburg, Bomi County. We provided new baby beds, chairs, and curtains among other things. We also repainted parts of the ward that needed an uplift. 

GBF keeps a list of clinics that can better serve these mothers. If you decide to adopt an entire clinic, GBF will send you the profile of the next clinic on our list and the corresponding estimate. The completed renovation would be signified by a plaque at the sponsored clinic in honor of your group or you individually, featured in our blog, and a certificate of sponsorship sent to your home or place of work (for a group). If you are a group of nurses, doctors, a medical school, or a family, this project is ideal.

Sponsor a Mom

Contributing to this project you can sponsor a Liberian mother in honor of a loved one like your own mom, wife, sister, best friend, or yourself. This project targets mothers with special needs that may include fistula, nutrition, and transportation to local clinics and hospitals. As many of these mothers have special and individual needs during their 9 months of pregnancy, a sponsor like you is most effective to ensure that these needs are met for those months, in addition to the first 6 months of the baby’s life. You will receive a profile of the mother you sponsor, contact information, a certificate of your sponsorship, and a list of her special maternal needs. Your sponsorship will initially provide the mom with a maternal package when she’s close to term, 2 replenishments, and sponsor her transportation and visits to the certified Midwife. If you’re a clinic that caters to pre, ante, and post natal needs in pregnancy, or a mother that had special needs too, this project is for you!

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