March of this year will mark one year since the beginning of the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa. 

The overwhelming response from multilateral organizations, ngos and the overall international community, was essential to reducing the immediate threat the nation was facing ebola posed nearly three months ago. Thanks to the international community, the Liberian government was able enabled with medical, financial and intellectual resources to implement a strategy to tackle the exponential rate of spread that threatened the nation. At this present time, millions of aid dollars have poured in the country to support the national ebola response and to strengthen our already fragile health system.

But now that the spotlight on Ebola has dimmed, and the media coverage wanes, the Ebola Virus Disease dares to paint a different story. Although, the amount of cases per day continues to decrease, ebola poses a new threat as it restricts the very livelihood of Liberians in rural hotspots.
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